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I lost to date $111,000 on an initial $160,000 Generali Vision Plan sold to me by an inept John Viney AES advisor. At the time I signed up I was working in Iraq worth little internet access so it was not clear what I was signing up to and difficult to research.

This is a poor excuse for becoming a victim but true non the less. Additionally I paid 0 attention to the plan for 8 years there are no annual statements vita Generali and no monitoring of losses. When I did check on the vision plan it was too late 111,000 used had been scammed off of me. buyer beware!

Does anyone know of a class action against AES?

How do I best warn off future would be victims? Thanks Mark

Product or Service Mentioned: Aes International Generali Worldwide Vision Savings Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $111000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aes International Cons: No monitoring of vision fund.

Location: Leidschendam, South Holland

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Unsurprising. AES International sells endowment savings plans with up front commission. Anybody buying a Genarali policy from AES International will lose first 2 years premiums to AES International commission.


Both John Viney and Sam Instone (CEO) have sold many of these high commission plans to expats that thought they were being looked after. They do not practice what they preach. They lean heavily on the 'we're ex-army, so trust us.' Beware!


There are many people that have been caught by PPS & AES International.

These companies are conning innocent people, losing them thousands of pounds.

PPS run by Stephen Ward has disappeared!


The two negative comments on this review, probably written by AES employees do at least highlight an issue. Expats are not experts st navigating the minefield of tax and other investment terms and gobbledegook.

They rely on their adviser to tell them how it is. I've heard from many colleagues and friends in the country I'm leaving in that these advisers are very skilled at painting positive pictures and convincing otherwise intelligent people that everything is ok when it clearly is not.

My advice? Talk to local experts, not expat advisers who are all on commission and desperate to sell, sell, sell.


When you point the finger there are always three pointing the other way. You signed up for something without checking the details and then didn't look at it for eight years....hmm...


A cheap shot for sure. People still feel that they have the right to trust the sharp salesman across the table from them. That's how these cowboys continue to create new victims.


You are seeking expert advice (and paying for it too). If the company cannot give such advice, they should not be licensed. Its not a cheap shot - its an uneducated shot.


LOL, wow. You signed up for something that you were "not clear what I was signing up to" and that was "difficult to research"?!? And THEN you didn't check it for EIGHT YEARS?!?

This is either a lie or you are desperately searching for money.

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