Don't bother with {{{Redacted}}} as they promote the hiring of failed, fired and untrustworthy advisors from other companies as a recruitment strategy. Test the next one that calls you by asking how long they have worked in this industry? Then ask how long they have been with {{{Redacted}}}. Chances are they have worked for more than 1 other company in their time. They will try and tell you it was career progression but know its poor performance and greed that makes an advisor jump ship.

By my reckoning these cavalier salesmen and women move from place to place miselling and trying to avoid commission clawbacks. Sam Instone the CEO is clearly in favor of this strategy, it's been part of {{{Redacted}}}' recruitment plan for years.

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to Noneeded #842796

Could someone ask Paul Clarke of {{{Redacted}}} to stop fabricating Facebook personas to intimidate victims of a pension fraud. It is not funny and it is not grown up.

to Sense of humour loss Granada, Andalusia, Spain #842917

That would be good. A sloth, Batman, a woman.

Whatever next?

A financial adviser? {{{Redacted}}} themselves call him a "lay introducer".

Now is this is not the biggest load of nonsense I've heard in my life ! lol :grin

Investors in people GOLD award, Virgin Sunday Time Fast Track 100 for 2011 and 2012 ....I mean, just GOOGLE and you'll see.

Advisors are very mobile, and with all the unregulated grey area cowboys around I think having an FSA regulated company around is darn good news if you ask me. If you're still with the same IFA you started with, then you're VERY special and you must have it really good.

I guess if goes without saying that the competition would post non factual, misrepresented nonsense like this. :sigh Sis on you all ! Jealousy makes you nasty as the saying goes, and from I've read online...there is MUCH to be jealous about. :eek

Get a life people. There is not much point in carrying on talking about IFAs.

The real point is, what kind of people want an unqualified and an unregulated service which will be dealing with your MONEY, very likely will provide you with an advise that even a monkey could reach too? Only *** people! The same goes for those who work for this kind of company. Nobody needs a IFA.

If you want to invest your money? Do your homework and find a top bank or financial institution and they will help you.

Bear this in mind - these organization will have QUALIFIED advisers. So if you put your money through a IFA and get a bad service and poor return - don´t complaint because you are the only one to blame!!

to Noneeded Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #611293

I Am an {{{Redacted}}} client and I am very impressed by their service. I sat with 3 other companies before I did business with {{{Redacted}}}.

My Adviser was very competent as i know a bit about financial products myself.

All in all i would give them 10/10.

In my first year as a lump sum Investor with a cautious portfolio im up 6%. Anyone who knows anything about cautious portfolios knows that 6% is a very good return.

to The Truth #1052627

My {{{Redacted}}} adviser sold me....a first time investor, a structured product designed for professional investors only, 95% of my money was put into 1 product...I lost €112,000 in one year. This of course was after he sold me the offshore bond...where he made himself a whopping 8%.

{{{Redacted}}} are not interested !

They have got their money.

2 years later I am waiting to hear from the DGS re my complaint.

...will all be in my book in due course...

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